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The key to a successful CV

A key part of your strategy to enable you to secure that new job, promotion and also important to help you show how you meet the eligibility criteria to study on some programmes of professional development and study.

What should not be in . . .

Regurgitated information straight lifted from previous CV’s

Comprehensive lists of job roles with lengthy descriptions of what your role entailed

What should you be ready for . . .

Technology based filtering systems that exclude your CV if you don’t adhere to the guidelines issued by the reader/system, and/or your use of fancy terminology and jargon based on and overly descriptive information.

What should be in . . .

ü Identify successes not job roles and responsibilities

ü Emphasise the success stories and outcomes rather than what you do and how you did it

ü You are valuable to others in what you are capable of, so let them see how and share how you as a commodity can and will add value to their bottom line or bring a different commercial dimension to a successful organisation

ü If you use social media and platforms such as Linkedin etc; look for consistency of messages and identity defining content

What should you know . . .

· Information about what you are going to use the CV for

· Understand the audience by researching the end game

What not to forget . . .

When all is said and done, although the CV is about you and is your marketing tool to help in securing that job or place on a programme.

Look at your audience and see what they want from you and don’t over-play the “I” can do in profile; use the approach of how your style can influence, engage and get results from you and others.

Pay attention to detail; formatting, spell checking and word checks are vital to demonstrate you are not only capable, but care and take time to ensure clarity and correctness in what you do.

ü No more than 2 pages; if necessary include your qualifications as an appendix

ü Always identify what the CV is for

Further guidance and support is available from our team, if you wish to create that essential self-marketing document please get in touch with us:

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