Support That Makes a Difference

CAREER & Business Development

Guidance, Support, Motivation & Inspiration

We tailor and design our services to each and every client. We align our services with your particular requirements whether personal or organisational.

We are a "Chartered Building Consultancy" registered with and approved by the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) for the provision of Professional Development courses including the Chartered Membership Programme and Professional Review. CP Ltd helps the CIOB in its mission to qualify the construction industry. To find out more visit our dedicated webpage on this site.


In addition, and in everything we do, we adopt a partnering approach to ensuring all needs and expectations are identified through collaborative review and close engagement.

Our broad and diverse “Bespoke Portfolio” of service offerings include:


  • Approved Professional Development, Training, and Education Provision including registered, approved courses and Programmes of Study

  • One to One Career Strategy Development and Coaching

  • Business Development and Strategic Growth Planning

  • Management Skills and Competency Development

  • Tailored Workshops, Seminars and Café Conferencing sessions

  • Organisational, Corporate and Individual Bespoke Situational Coaching

  • Commercial and Contracts Claims Guidance, support and advice and "Expert Witness" – Investigation, Reports & Representation

  • Personal and Business Specific Financial Reviews and Advice

  • Specific Project Brief Creation and Delivery

  • CPD Provision

  • CV Development and linkage to "Career Strategy" one to one Coaching